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                  ❝ en stirps nobilis et gens antiquissima b l a c k.

–––– The Black family traces its origin back to the Middle Ages. They claim to have entirely magical ancestry, but as Sirius Black informed his godson Harry Potter, no true pure-blood families existed by the twentieth century. The pure-blood families like the Blacks simply removed Muggles and Squibs from their family trees. The Blacks place a great importance on blood purity, considering themselves akin to royalty in the wizarding world and disdaining Muggles, Squibs, Blood traitors and Muggle-borns. The family motto, which can be found on the family crest, is T o u j o u r s P u r , which means “Always Pure” in French. Many members took this phrase very seriously. 

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Guard the boat, mind the tide… don’t touch my dirt.

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I had to take off, but something tells me he never got around to making that call. Small world, huh?

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sailor moon graphic meme: [4/6] friendships/ships

↳artemis and minako aino

You and I are comrades who have fought for peace together, Mina.

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"Even now, after all the pain and death and heartbreak that followed, I still would make the same choice."
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What would be the purpose of Varys sending Gendry to Yoren? Does it have to do with someone not getting in the way of his "Aegon" plot?


What would be the purpose of Varys sending Gendry to Yoren?

My interpretation of Varys is that he is the type of person who wants to never burn bridges, have multiple choices to work with, and make sure he always has 10 aces up his sleeve.

While it does seem that Varys’ main goal is to get “Aegon” on the Iron Throne, he probably accounts for the possibility that Aegon could die/fail. He’s not dropping everything to be by Aegon’s side helping for a reason. He made himself invaluable to Aerys then Robert and then Cersei/the Lannisters for a reason. He’s always got his ass covered.

When Varys saved Gendry and sent him to the Wall assumably (so Varys would know his location,) he opened this opportunity to use Gendry for his purposes later on.

  1. Maybe he wants to have a potential Baratheon in case the line dies out (unlikely but possible when no heirs are available.)
  2. Maybe he wants to have proof of Cersei’s children’s illegitimacy by showing Gendry’s appearance- the way Stannis wanted with Edric Storm.
  3. Maybe he wants the opportunity to bring Gendry to some anti-Baratheon person or Cersei to turn him over/have him killed to ingratiate himself to the person in power.

It could be any or all of these reasons. The point is that it gives Varys control and an avenue to take in the future should he need it. Information is power.

It’s like saving Tyrion. One day he might want to call on a favor from him if he gets back into power, one day he might need to earn Cersei’s favor and get his head returned to her, or one day he might bring him back because he’s useful in some way.

Varys keeps his options open, never declares a side and never puts all his eggs in one basket.

A line appeared on Cersei’s pale white brow, between those lovely eyes. “You put too much trust in that eunuch.”

“He serves me well.”
“Or so he’d have you believe. You think you’re the only one he whispers secrets to? He gives each of us just enough to convince us that we’d be helpless without him. He played the same game with me, when I first wed Robert. For years, I was convinced I had no truer friend at court, but now…”  
Tyrion, ACoK

Don’t forget that Varys spoke of putting Viserys on the throne with Illyrio when Arya eavesdropped in AGoT. If you think that Varys only has one plan, one contender he’s backing or preparing to back, I’d disagree.

"The storms come and go, the waves crash overhead, the big fish eat the little fish, and I keep on paddling." Varys to Tyrion, ACoK

There’s a reason for this. 

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Well, am I going to meet a tall, dark stranger and take a trip across the sea?

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Title: Skinny Love (Bon Iver Cover)
Artist: Birdy
Played: 567 times


skinny love || birdy

and I told you to be patient
and I told you to be fine
and I told you to be balanced
and I told you to be kind

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sailor moon graphic meme: [2/6] friendships/ships

↳mamoru chiba and usagi tsukino

You’re my family, Mamo-chan. From now on, I’ll protect you. Always.

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Nerd HQ Panel - 2013 vs. 2014

Jordan Gavaris on Taylor Swift.

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There is no going back

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This is why I don’t drink.

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They say you’re the bad guy.
Is that what they say?

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greysmeme+ [3/9] episodes - Sanctuary & Death and all his friends

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